Academic Catalog

Academic Certificate (AC)

Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) 2023-2024

Purpose of the Academic Certificate

The Maricopa County Community College District Academic Certificate (AC) is a defined and coherent program of study that is recommended for students who wish to gain additional expertise in a specific area of emphasis in an academic discipline. While this program of study can result in proficiency in the specified skills and competencies, as well as mastery of a body of knowledge, it is not designed to prepare someone for employment in a specific occupation. The coursework for an Academic Certificate may be from a variety of disciplines or it can be discipline specific. There is no required general studies component to an Academic Certificate; however, the program may include some courses that have specific general education (AGEC) designations such as Humanities, Arts and Design [HU], Social-Behavioral Sciences [SB], Literacy and Critical Inquiry [L], or Cultural Awareness [C]. (See AGEC matrix for current course values.)

Academic Policies that Govern the Academic Certificate

  • Although the program of study for an Academic Certificate (AC) does not have a mandated minimum number of credit hours, most ACs require approximately 12-39 credit hours in courses numbered 100 and above; students must have earned a minimum of 6 credits toward the certificate at the institution awarding the certificate. For certificates with less than 6 credit hours, all credits must be completed at the college granting the award.
  • Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course in the program.
  • Follows the graduation policies listed in the college’s general catalog for the appropriate catalog year.
  • Any course cross-referenced under another prefix(es) (for example ENH291 Children's Literature/EDU291 Children's Literature) covers identical content and its credits can only be counted once toward certificate requirements.
  • Although ACs may include a subset of coursework required in particular transfer degrees, the intent of an AC is not to align with any specific university major. There is no presumption of block transfer to another college or university.
  • May have admission criteria established by the college if and when appropriate.
  • Generally offered at a limited number of colleges. For a listing of all ACs available in the district and their affiliated college(s) see the CCTA website.