Academic Catalog

Travel by Students

Official college trips should be made in vehicles provided by the college or by commercial vehicles. College vehicles may be used for official college business only. See MCCCD policy on Operation and Insurance Coverage of District Owned and/or Leased Vehicles and Privately Owned Vehicular Usage for District Purposes. The college president may require an advisor(s) for college-sponsored student trips that involve out-of-county travel. No approved college organization, association or club that is financed out of the appropriate revenue fund budget shall travel out of state more than three (3) times during one (1) school year. Exceptions may be made for student officers who hold offices in national or regional organizations and tournaments. For travel out of the country, Governing Board approval is required. If campus financial support is requested for attending tournaments or club functions, students must obtain campus approval prior to running for national or regional organizations and/or officer positions.