Academic Catalog

Academic Advisement

Identify, plan, and achieve your career interests and academic goals with support from Academic Advising Services.  Academic Advising Services provides you guidance in choosing a program of study that aligns best with your skills, interests, and values.  

Academic Advisors help you develop career and educational goals, then create a clear pathway to achieve them.  When obstacles occur, academic advisors can connect you to student support services and other campus resources to get you back on track.

New-to-college students can seek advisement by following our college’s Enrollment Steps.  As part of our Enrollment Steps, Coyote Kickoff will provide you with a self-paced online pre-advisement- overview, followed by an initial advising appointment with an academic advisor to discuss class placement and recommend your first-semester classes. 

If you are not a new college student, you are encouraged to make a virtual appointment with an academic advisor aligned with your program of study.  Appointments can be scheduled via the college's Advisement website,  Students must be currently admitted to the college and provide unofficial transcripts of any prior college if making an appointment.

Academic Advising Services are available by appointment and virtually at  We are located in the Coyote Center Building, Pecos campus, and Bluford Hall, Williams campus.