Academic Catalog

Maricopa Community College Police Department

Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department are responsible for maintaining a safe, orderly, and peaceful atmosphere on campus to contribute to student development and success. It was formed with these objectives in mind, and is staffed by qualified safety personnel, including certified police officers. Maricopa Community Colleges Police are located in the Public Safety Building (PSB), at the Pecos Campus and in Bluford Hall at the Williams Campus. Students are encouraged to inform the on-duty officer about any situation that might warrant support for safety reasons (stalkers, potentially violent situations, orders of protection, etc.).

Services to students, faculty, and staff include:

  • Providing safety escorts to and from parking lots upon request
  • Assisting students, faculty, and staff in case of accident or injury on campus
  • Providing minor assistance to motorists with disabled vehicles
  • Delivering emergency messages from family to students in classes
  • Enforcing parking regulations on campus
  • Providing Lost and Found services
  • Administering college vehicle use
  • Patrolling campus
  • Encouraging student, faculty, and staff participation in safety and crime prevention programs

For additional information, call 480-732-7280 at the Pecos Campus or 480-988-8888 at the Williams Campus. Information on crime prevention programs, safety policies, incident reports, and CGCC crime statistics for the previous three years can be found at


In the event of emergencies on campus, contact the Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department at 480-784-0911. Emergency telephones are located at the entrances to all parking lots of the Pecos Campus and ring directly into the Public Safety Department. Call 911 in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

Emergency Notification System

Chandler-Gilbert Community College uses a mass notification system (RAVE) in order to communicate with students and employees in the unlikely event of an emergency at the college. Student contact information (cell phone number, home phone, email address etc.) provided at the time of registration will automatically be used in the college notification system. Be assured, that students and staff will only be contacted for emergency purposes. The system will not be used for other purposes.

RAVE Guardian App

Students can download the RAVE Guardian App from the Apple App Store or Google Play. This app helps to improve:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Access to emergency numbers

CGCC students can authenticate their accounts with student email addresses, user names, passwords and personal profiles.